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South Africa

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Business hours are Monday - Friday 8:30am through 5pm Eastern Standard Time.

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First National Bank (FNB)
Account Number: 62536077648
Branch Code: 250655

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Why and How to Celebrate Easter?

It doesn't seem like five minutes since Christmas and here we are celebrating Easter. Being a born chocoholic I need no excuse to eat the stuff and what better way to celebrate Easter than a large Egg made of Chocolate? But how did it all start and why an Egg and why Chocolate?


Behind the Scenes of a Chocolate Shop and a Local Winery

It's time to play on your sweet tooth, and show you the intricate processes of what goes on behind the scenes of a chocolate shop and a local winery.


Magical Moments, a gift of all occasions

It only takes a moment to make an impression. 3 seconds in fact. First impressions only take 3 seconds to form and last indefinitely. Which is why moments are precious. We asked some our clients what was their most precise moment? And what makes them remember it?